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Basic viewer for the SWAG Pascal source code collection.

Version 0.1.0
Released 2023-07-12
O/S Windows 7 & later


SAWGView is a Windows GUI application that displays "packets" (i.e. code snippets) from the SWAG Pascal Code Collection.

Screenshot of SWAGView program

This application offers basic features to load and navigate the collection. While useful, the program also serves as a proof of concept for loading and viewing the DelphiDabbler Edition of the SWAG collection.

The core code was adapted from the SWAG import feature of CodeSnip.

When SWAGView is first installed it doesn't display anything until you also install SWAG.

SWAGView is copyright © 2023 by Peter Johnson. The program and its source code are released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.

Download & Installation

This program is hosted on GitHub in the ddabapps/swagview repository. The program can be downloaded from the repository's Releases page.

Each release gives the option of downloading either the programs's executable code or the source code. Your options are:

Executable program

Download if you a running 64 bit Windows or download for 32 bit Windows.

There is no installer, so you need to install the program manually. Proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new sub-directory to store the program and its associated files. This can be created in any writeable directory on your system drive(s) or on a removable drive.
  2. Extract all the files from the zip file and copy them into the newly created directory.
  3. Optionally create a shortcut to the executable file in some convenient location.
  4. Run the program. It will prompt you to install the SWAG database. See the Getting Started online help topic for details of how to do this. Once the installation is complete the database files will have been created in a swag sub-directory of the directory you created at step 1.

Source code

Source code is available in two formats. Download:

  • Source to get the source code in .zip format.
  • Source code.tar.gz to get the source code in a g-zipped tarball.

Get v0.1.0 from GitHub


The following documentation is available.

Bugs & Feature Requests

You can report bugs or suggest new features using the SWAGView issue tracker on GitHub.

Please review existing bug reports and feature requests before creating a new issue. If an issue already exists you may be able to help by adding a further comment.

You will need a GitHub account if you want to create or edit an issue.