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Getting Started

When you run SWAGView for the first time the display will be empty because the SWAG database has not been installed.

To install SWAG do the following:

  1. Go to the SWAG releases page on Github.
  2. Choose the latest v1.0.x release (SWAGView doesn't know how to read any version including or after v1.1.x).
  3. Download the zip file named dd-swag-<version>.zip where <version> is the release version number. Make a note of the folder where you downloaded the file.
  4. In SWAGView, click the Install SWAG Database... button.
  5. In the resulting dialogue box enter the full path and file name of the zip file you downloaded in the edit box. You can click the ... (ellipsis) button to the right of the edit box and choose the file from a standard file open dialogue box.
  6. Click the Install button. This button will only be enabled if the file you entered exists.
  7. Wait for the database to be installed. A window will be displayed during this process. Expect it to take a few seconds to extract the data from the zip file and to copy it to the correct location – there are hundreds of small files to copy.

If everything goes OK the SWAG categories will be displayed in the left hand pane of the main window. See the Overview topic for information above how to use the program.

The next time you start SWAGView it will find the database, so you don't need to do this process again.


If anything goes wrong a message describing the problem will be displayed. This can happen for a few reasons:

Regardless of the reason for failure, the main display will remain empty and you can use the Install SWAG Database... button to try again.

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