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Code Snippets Repository

A code bank designed with Pascal in mind

Version 4.23.0
Released 2024-04-02
O/S Windows 2000 & later


CodeSnip is an open source code bank for storing and viewing code snippets. It not only manages, displays and manipulates your own code snippets but it can also incorporate snippets downloaded from the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database.

Screenshot of CodeSnip program

Snippets can be displayed by category, alphabetically or by type. Full details of a selected snippet are displayed.

Designed with Pascal in mind, CodeSnip enables Delphi or Free Pascal code snippets to be test-compiled with any installed version of those compilers. Use this feature to validate the syntax of code without having to start your compiler's IDE.

Code in other languages can be stored in CodeSnip although syntax highlighting, source file generation and compiler checking will not be available.

The database can be searched for snippets that contain specified text or for cross referenced snippets. The snippets to be displayed can also be selected manually. In addition you can search for Pascal snippets that compile under given versions of Delphi or Free Pascal.

Frequently used snippets can be marked as "favourites" for quick access.

CodeSnip can generate and export Pascal source code in various ways:

  • Compilable Object Pascal units containing selected snippets from the database can be generated and written to file.
  • Individual snippets or whole categories can be written to Object Pascal include files or copied to the clipboard for including in Delphi and FreePascal projects.
  • Information about snippets can copied or printed.
  • Selected snippets can be exported to files that can be shared with other CodeSnip users.

Units and Pascal include files can also be exported as syntax highlighted XHTML or rich text files. The syntax highlighter can be customized.

Finally, CodeSnip comes in two editions: standard and portable.

More Information

For more information see the FAQ .


CodeSnip has its own blog on BlogSpot where you can find news about the latest updates etc.

View the blog.


This program is hosted on GitHub in the delphidabbler/codesnip repository. Both the executable program and source code can be downloaded from the repository's Releases tab.

As noted above, you have a choice of whether to download the Standard or Portable edition of CodeSnip. You should choose the appropriate download link that appears on the GitHub release page. You will then be redirected to SourceForge where the download should start automatically.

The source code can be downloaded directly from the GitHub release page: see the files under Assets. If no files are visible, click the Assets label to reveal them. You can download the source in either .zip or .tar.gz format.

Get v4.23.0 from GitHub


The following documentation is available. All of it opens on GitHub.

The program also comes with a comprehensive help file accessible from the GUI.

Improving CodeSnip

If you find any bugs or want to suggest a new feature please use the GitHub project's issue tracker. You can browse existing issues to see if a similar one has already raised. If so please add any further information as comments. If there is no similar issue please raise new one.

Do not report bugs in CodeSnip v4.15.1 or earlier: these versions are no longer supported.

Because CodeSnip is open source you can download the source code and make modifications yourself. If you would like to contribute to the project then you should fork the Git repository on GitHub, create a new feature branch off the development branch and make your changes. To submit your changes please submit a pull request on GitHub.

You will need a GitHub account if you want to create or edit an issue or submit a pull request.