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Cookie policy

This website uses the bare minimum of cookies.

This policy covers cookies used in by and the sub-domain. It does not apply to any other sub-domains of or to any third party sites accessed via links on this site.

User experience cookies

These cookies are used only to improve the user experience and all fall into the "essential" category. They can't be disabled.

At present all cookies are set for the whole domain.

Current usage:

  • The cookie consent code sets a cookie to check you have confirmed reading the consent message!
  • Cookies may be used to remember certain choices, for example to prevent some messages from being displayed too often. Such cookies may be permanent or may expire after a fixed interval.

Advertising & tracking cookies

The site has no advertising and hence no advertising cookies, and because I loathe being tracked myself, there are no tracking cookies.

3rd party cookies

There are no 3rd party cookies.


Should you find any cookies relating to this site that contravene this policy then please report it on the site's issues page (GitHub account required).

More Info

If you want more info about cookies please visit the UK Information Commissioner's Office Cookies page.