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Welcome to

One hobbyist programmer's dabblings in the world of open source Delphi programming.


There are several open source applications here.

The main one is CodeSnip, a code bank specialising in Pascal code snippets.

Other apps are mainly mini development tools, but some are just programming exercises.

Code Library

The code library is a collection of reusable components and classes along with a solitary IDE extension.

Code Snippets

There are two main sources of code snippets:

Code Snippets Database

Contains hundreds of useful Pascal routines, classes, types etc.


A clone of the old SourceWare Archive Group database. It's dated but still contains some useful information.


Several full length articles explaining various aspects of Delphi programming.

Hints & Tips

A collection of hundreds of hints and tips harvested from all over the web.


There's plenty of documentation available for all the applications, the code library and snippets. There's also a small collection of miscellaneous Delphi notes.