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Code Snippets

The old DelphiDabbler site had two web applications that displayed code snippets from two different sources:

  1. The DelphiDabbler Code Snippets "Database" of compilable Delphi Pascal snippets.
  2. The old SWAG (SourceWare Archive Group) collection of source code and programming examples.

Both web apps depended on web services provided by the old web server and were lost when that server closed down. It would be a big job to recover and convert the apps.

All is not lost. I have created a couple of Git repositories GitHub to hold the snippet collections. They are:

Both collections are comprehensively documented.

The Code Snippets Database can be displayed by my CodeSnip program. It can also import SWAG packages. In fact CodeSnip's SWAG import wizard contains a pretty reasonable SWAG viewer!


There are some unit tests available for a few of the snippets in the Code Snippets Database. The tests for the latest release of the database can be downloaded from the project's Releases page.