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Version Information Editor

Creates version information resource files from templates.

Version 2.15.1
Released 2023-06-02
O/S Windows XP & later


Version Information Editor enables version information to be edited. It also creates version information resource source (.rc) files. The program stores details of the version information in its own project (.vi) files. Simple macros can be used to help automate the updating of version information files.

The program can also create binary resource (.res) files containing version information. To do this it needs to use a 3rd party resource compiler such as Borland's BRCC32.

From v2.11 the program supports a command line switch, -makerc, that silently creates a .rc file from a native .vi file passed on the command line. The program simply creates the .rc file and exits, without displaying a window. This option has been made available to enable Version Information Editor to be used in automated build processes.

Version Information Editor is copyright © 1998-2023 by Peter Johnson. The executable version of the program is made available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0. This means you can use, copy and distribute Version Information Editor as you wish.


This program is hosted on GitHub in the delphidabbler/vied repository. The program can be downloaded from the repository's Releases tab.

Each release gives the option of downloading either the programs's installer or the source code. Your options are:

  • Choose to download a zip file containing the program. Extract the content of the .zip file. The included read-me file (ReadMe.txt) explains how to install and use the program.
  • Choose Source to download the source code in .zip format.
  • Choose Source code.tar.gz to download the source code as a g-zipped tarball.

Get v2.15.1 from GitHub


The following documentation is available. All of it opens on GitHub.

The program also comes with a comprehensive help file accessible from the GUI.

Bugs & Feature Requests

You can report bugs or suggest new features using the Version Information Editor issue tracker on GitHub.

Please review existing bug reports and feature requests before creating a new issue. If an issue already exists you may be able to help by adding a further comment.

You will need a GitHub account if you want to create or edit an issue.