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Version Information Manipulator Library

A DLL for manipulating binary version information

Version 2.0.0
Released 2023-06-03
O/S Windows XP & later


The Version Information Manipulator Library is a DLL that can be used to access and manipulate binary version information from executable and binary resource files. It can also update and write version information to binary resource files.

The advantage of using this library over the Windows API for reading version information is that the library can cope with badly formed version information that would defeat the API routines. Furthermore the library can enumerate the contents of string tables and access non-standard string table entries. It also works with string tables in multiple languages (a.k.a. translations).

The library's advantage in writing version information resources is that it can generate binary streams suitable for writing to binary resource files. This removes the need to create .rc files and, consequently, the need to use a resource compiler.

A detailed user guide, setting out the DLL's programming interface, can be viewed in the Documentation section below.

There are two demo programs included in the source code repository, and in the source code download, that show how to use the library. There is a comprehensive read-me file included with the demos. You can view the read-me from the Documentation section below.

The download includes a Delphi Pascal unit containing the interfaces and exported function definition required to use the DLL. This file is IntfBinaryVerInfo.pas.

At present the DLL is only available in 32 bit format, so it can't be called from 64 bit programs.


This library is hosted on GitHub in the delphidabbler/vilib repository. The library can be downloaded from the repository's Releases tab.

Each release gives the option of downloading either the DLL's executable code or the source code. Your options are:

  • Choose to download a zip file containing the DLL and documentation. Extract the content of the .zip file. The included file explains how to install the DLL.
  • Choose Source to download the source code in .zip format.
  • Choose Source code.tar.gz to download the source code as a gzip-ped tarball.

Get v2.0.0 from GitHub


The following documentation is available. All of it opens on GitHub.

Bugs & Feature Requests

You can report bugs or suggest new features using the Version Information Manipulator Library issue tracker on GitHub.

Please review existing bug reports and feature requests before creating a new issue. If an issue already exists you may be able to help by adding a further comment.

You will need a GitHub account if you want to create or edit an issue.