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Creates a self-extracting program installer.


Version 3.4.2
Released 2008-09-17
O/S Windows 2000 and later


Development of SIBuilder is frozen.

I developed this program to create simple, command line based installers for my programs, but my needs have changed and the program hasn't kept up. To update it would be (a) a lot of work and (b) pointless because the superb Inno Setup does it all so well.

I strongly discourage anyone from continuing to develop this program – it's had its day. I don't even know if it runs on modern versions of Windows. Having said that if you want to look at the code you can download a copy of the final version below.

There is no support available for this program. Please do not report any bugs or contact me about it.


SIBuilder (Small Installation program Builder) is an open source software installation program creator that creates stand alone command line based install programs.

Install programs are created using SIBuilder's Wizard style interface, as below.

SIBuilder's Project Details page

For more information please download the program's tutorial PDF.


The SIBuilder source code is archived in the ddab-archive/sibuilder repository on GitHub. The read-me file of that project explains how to get the final source code and binary release.

See Build.txt in the GitHib repo for details of how to compile the program and its dependencies.


SIBuilder is open sourced: see license. Much of the original source code is available under the Mozilla Public License v1.1.

Change Log

The program's change log can found here.