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8 Queens Problem Solver

Demonstrates all solutions of the 8 queens problem


Version 4.1.1
Released 2016-02-15
O/S Windows 2000 and later


Development of 8 Queens Problem Solver is frozen.

This program has roots going back to a Turbo Pascal DOS program from 1991. It's Windows incarnation goes back to the v2 release 1997 and was one of my early attempts at OOP using Delphi 1.

The program has been given numerous overhauls over the years through 4 major versions, finally ending up as a heavily redesigned 32 bit Windows program.

In 2016 I decided it was time to let it be, so I released one final version in case anyone's interested.

The source code remains available should anyone want to develop the program further. See below.

There is no support available for this program. Please do not report any bugs or contact me about it.


This program calculates and displays all possible solutions of the "eight queens problem". This problem asks how many different ways eight queens can be placed on a chess board so that no queen can capture any other.

Screenshot of 8 Queens Problem Solver program

8 Queens Problem Solver v4.1.1 running in manual mode on Windows 10.1.

A user guide, in PDF format, is included with the program.

The main point of interest in writing this program was learning how to solve the problem. The answer lies in the source code, which is freely available. See below.


The 8 Queens source code is archived in the ddab-archive/8queens repository on GitHub. The read-me file of that project explains how to get the final source code and binary release.

See in the GitHib repo for details of how to compile the program and its dependencies.


8 Queens Problem Solver is released under the terms of the MIT License.

Change Log

The program's change log can found here.