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Macro Toolbar Display Wizard for Delphi 7

Wizard enables the macro toolbar in Delphi 7 editor windows.


Version 1.0
Released 2007-06-10
Platforms Win32
Framework IDE
Compatibilty Delphi 7 only


Development of Macro Toolbar Display Wizard for Delphi 7 is frozen.

This wizard works only with Delphi 7, which is now quite old. Furthermore there have never had to be any updates to the wizard since the first and only release – it is quite simple and seems to just work.

Therefore I'm freezing development of this code. If you want to make changes, there is enough code in the download to do that.

There is no support available for the wizard. Please do not report any bugs or request new features.


Delphi 7 introduced a macro recording toolbar that can be used to record and play back macros. The toolbar was to be displayed in the bottom left of the editor's status bar. However, the toolbar was hidden in the release version, leaving an empty space in the first panel of the status bar as the following image shows.

Delphi Editor without macro toolbar

This wizard causes the hidden toolbar to be displayed in each open edit window:

Delphi Editor with macro toolbar

The Wizard also adds a new Display Macro Toolbar menu item to the end of Delphi's View menu that toggles the toolbar on and off.

Please note: This wizard applies only to Delphi 7. The macro toolbar was not implemented in earlier versions and later versions have a completely different IDE.

Get The Code

The Macro Toolbar Display Wizard for Delphi 7 source code is archived in the ddab-archive/mtdwiz repository on GitHub. The read-me file of that project explains how to get source code and the final release.


Information about how to install the wizard can be found in Docs/ReadMe.htm in the archived Git repository.


The Macro Toolbar Display Wizard for Delphi 7 is open source. It is copyright © 2007 by Peter Johnson. The source code is made available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v1.1. All relevant trademarks are acknowledged.