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John Conway's Game Of Life

Demonstrates John Conway's Game of Life.


Version 5.2
Released 2015-11-29
O/S Windows 2000 and later


Development of John Conway's Game Of Life is frozen.

This program has roots going back to a Turbo Pascal DOS program from 1992. It's Windows incarnation goes back to 1997 and my first attempts at OOP using Delphi 1. And it shows in the coding!

Because this is possibly my oldest surving program I can't bear to dump it, so I gave it a minimal makeover in 2015 and then decided to mothball it, which means I'm not developing it further. In the unlikely event anyone wants to take it over, the source code is available below.

There is no support available for this program. Please do not report any bugs or contact me about it.


This program demonstrates John Conway's Game of Life on a 21×21 grid. Rules for cellular automata other than the Game of Life can also be created and used.

Game of Life v5.2.0

A user manual is included with the program that explains how to use it. This manual can be displayed in the user's default web browser by clicking the program's Help button.


The Game Of Life source code is archived in the ddab-archive/life repository on GitHub. The read-me file of that project explains how to get the final source code and binary release.

See in the GitHib repo for details of how to compile the program and its dependencies.


John Conway's Game Of Life is released under the terms of the MIT License.