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Clipboard Format Spy

Displays various formats currently on the clipboard


Version 4.1.1
Released 2104-03-21
O/S Windows 2000 & later


Development of Clipboard Format Spy is frozen and the GitHub repository is archived.

The latest release was made back in March 2014. Now, in 2021, I think it's safe to say that the code base is stale! So I've decided to call it a day with this program.

The source code remains available on GitHub (see below) should anyone want to develop the program further. Just fork the repo and take the project over.

There is no support available for this program. Please do not report any bugs or contact me about it.


Clipboard Format Spy lists the available formats for any data that is currently stored on the clipboard. It automatically updates the information displayed as the contents of the clipboard change. For certain formats you can also view the clipboard contents. The clipboard can also be cleared.

For each format displayed on the clipboard, the following information is displayed in the main window.

  • Code – this is the identifier used to represent the clipboard format. It is displayed in hexadecimal.
  • Description – this is the description of the clipboard format. Symbolic constants are displayed for the Windows standard clipboard formats.
  • Size – this is the size of the data on the clipboard. No value is displayed if the clipboard contents are not stored in global memory.

The display can be sorted in ascending or descending order on any column.

Clipboard formats can be viewed by selecting the required format in the main display and right-clicking to display a pop-up menu. Select the required viewer from the menu. If the format can't be viewed then "no viewer" will be displayed in the menu.

The file name of the process that owns the clipboard is displayed in the status bar.


This program is archived on GitHub in the delphidabbler/cfs repository. The final release of the program can be downloaded from the repository's Releases tab.

The final release is v4.1.1. The following downloads are available:

  • Choose to download a zip file containing the program's installer. Extract the content of the .zip file. The included ReadMe.txt file explains how to install the program.
  • Choose Source to download the source code in .zip format.
  • Choose Source code.tar.gz to download the source code as a gzip-ped tarball.


The following documentation is available. All the links open on GitHub.