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Delphi IDE Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts were valid as of Delphi 2006, using the default key mapping.

Key combination Action
Ctrl+Jccc Invoke code templates
Ctrl+T Delete current word
Ctrl+E Incremental search
Ctrl+Y Delete current line
Ctrl+O+C Select a columnar block of text
Ctrl+O+L Normal text selection mode (use to return to normal selection behaviour after using Ctrl+O+C)
Ctrl+Shift+G Insert a new GUID at the cursor position
Ctrl+Shift+I Indent the current selected block
Ctrl+Shift+U Outdent the current selected block
Ctrl+Shift+Y Delete to the end of line
Ctrl+Shift+J Invoke syncedit
Alt+[ Match pair forward
Alt+] Match pair backward
Alt+RightArrow Browse forward (hotlink history)
Alt+LeftArrow Browse backward (hotlink history)
Alt+UpArrow Browse to symbol under editor cursor (invoke a hotlink and add it to the hotlink history)
F4 Run program to current cursor position
F5 Toggle breakpoint
F7 Debugger step into
F8 Debugger step over
F9 Run program under debugger
Ctrl+F12 View units
Alt+G Goto line number in editor
Ctrl+Shift+R Start/Stop recording editor macro
Ctrl+Shift+P Play editor macro
Ctrl+Space Invoke code completion
Ctrl+Shift+Space Invoke code parameter hints
Ctrl+Enter Open file at cursor
Ctrl+Shift+C Invoke class completion for the class that currently contains the cursor
Ctrl+Shift+UpArrow Navigate to method implementation/declaration
Ctrl+Shift+DownArrow Navigate to method implementation/declaration
Ctrl+Alt+UpArrow Navigate to previous method implementation in lexical order
Ctrl+Alt+DownArrow Navigate to next method implementation in lexical order
Ctrl+Alt+Home Navigate to the lexically first method implementation in this source unit
Ctrl+Alt+End Navigate to the lexically last method implementation in this source unit
Ctrl+/ Toggle comment per line or selected block