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While the site is still going to move from its current host, a new site will now take its place. More Info.

The new site may have less content, but the core will now remain. And it will now play nicely with phones! Keep an eye on the DelphiDabbler Blog for news.

2006 News Archive

12th December

  • Published new Article #24: "How to receive data dragged from other applications".
  • Published the December 2006 newsletter.
  • Updated Home Page taster panels to give more prominence to the PasH Pascal Syntax Highlighter.

4th December

  • Released v1.4.4 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. This release rolls up changes the design of the Compiler Checks tab, adds an optional compiler progress dialog, a View Test Unit menu option and some minor interface tweaks. Release also includes major changes to way HTML and JavaScript are handled internally.
  • Updated CodeSnip Database Viewer's screenshot page to reflect changes to the Compiler tab. Also added new screenshots and added detailed descriptions.

24th November

  • Released v1.3.2 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. This release rolls up addition of mailing list subscription dialog, minor changes to the Config Compilers dialog box and enabling view test unit request to be remembered until end of session.
  • Removed broken Top Delphi Sites link from links pages.

19th November

  • Updated CodeSnip change log to note unreleased v1.3 of the program.
  • Added new web service that can subscribe users to mailing lists.
  • Fixed incorrect reply-to email address that was being sent for users to confirm mailing list membership.

16th November

  • Released v1.2.5 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. This release rolls up various minor changes and refactorings including improvements to Select Routines dialog box and registration wizard, minor menu and toolbar changes and addition of license to help file.
  • Also updated CodeSnip Database Viewer.
  • Partially restored automation of mailing lists. Users registering programs can once again automatically join mailing lists. Automatic confirmation and unsubscription not yet restored.

11th November

  • Released v1.2 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. This release adds the ability to customise the syntax highlighter used for exported HTML and rich text files.
  • Added new Code Snippets Database. IsHexStr is the 100th routine in the database.

29th October

  • Released v1.1 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. This version adds the ability to generate and export Pascal units containing selected routines and adds a new search facility that can find cross-referenced routines.
  • Fixed broken Contact page. Thanks to those who reported the problem.

25th October

  • Released v1.0.2 of the online database.

21st October

  • Made minor changes to Home Page.
  • Fixed XHTML validation problems in Links pages.

19th October

  • Released v5.0.1 of the Drop Files Components that fixes a bug that could cause the Delphi IDE to freeze when closing a form containing a TPJCtrlDropFiles or a TPJFormDropFiles component.

18th October

  • Released v5.0 of the Window State Components that adds a new component that allows user to define the kind of persistent storage used to record window information.
  • Dead web links were weeded out from the Code Snippets Database.

16th October

  • Released v1.0.1 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer that fixes a bug in the database web update. The bug manifested itself only on Windows 9x platform operating systems.
  • Released v2.1 of the System Information Unit. Added a method to get the MAC address of a computer's first ethernet adapter.
  • Added a new Code Snippets Database.

6th October

  • Added a new RGBTripleToColor, ColorToRGBTriple and MakeGreyScale.
  • Updated GMTToLocalTime routine warning that routine only works with Windows NT platform.

5th October

  • Restored normal home page.
  • Updated Article #19 "How to make a TWebBrowser become the active control when clicked" by noting some problems in presented solution and suggesting a work around.
  • Fixed some broken links on Home pages.
  • Published the October 2006 newsletter.
  • Began process of changing look and feel of the site by restyling main menu. The style change is expected to take several months to complete.
  • Restored ability to send emails to mailing lists.

4th September

  • The contact page has been fully restored.
  • Fixed some broken external site links on home page.

30th August

  • Revised Home Page to describe latest updates.
  • Restored missing help page for Code Snippets Unit Generator.
  • Modified titles of various pages.
  • Restored a completely re-written bug report web service (currently used by the CodeSnip Database Viewer).
  • Restored script called from old PJSoft Contact Box site to redirect to equivalent pages on this site.
  • Restored program and component PAD files.
  • Made minor change to way downloads are logged.
  • Restored Site Map.
  • Enabled Site Map "Quick Links" to top of pages.
  • Removed all email records from guestbook data files.

28th August

  • Completely revised temporary Home Page.
  • Restored About DelphiDabbler page.
  • Restored Compatibility page.
  • Restored Sign Guestbook form.
  • Restored this update log.
  • Re-established links to About section index page.
  • Restored a completely re-written Component Help Installer.
  • Restored a new and extended version of the program registration web service (currently used by the CodeSnip Database Viewer).

21nd August

  • Revised Home Page to describe latest updates.
  • Restored page re-direction for duplicate page URIs.
  • Restored custom 404 error page.
  • Restored all articles.
  • Restored unit generation facility. Generated units are now displayed in a scrollable box. The former snippet upload page was not and will not be restored.
  • Restored About section index page.
  • Restored a heavily revised contact page.
  • Restored newsletter page along with all back-numbers. Newsletter sign up form was removed.
  • Fixed error on download error page.
  • Set up do-nothing placeholder pages for site map pages to avoid 404 errors.
  • Updated title of software pages.
  • Set up placeholder mailing list subscription page to inform that mailing lists are temporarily suspended.
  • Restored database udpate web service for CodeSnip Database Viewer.
  • Restored 8 Queens Problem Solver program pages.
  • Restored BDiff / BPatch Utilities pages.
  • Restored Boobytrap! program pages.
  • Restored Clipboard Viewer Component pages.
  • Restored Clipboard Format Spy program pages.
  • Restored Colour Pop-up Menu Component pages.
  • Restored Drop Files Components pages.
  • Restored Environment Variables Unit pages.
  • Restored Hot Label Component pages.
  • Restored John Conway's Game of Life program pages.
  • Restored Menu Speed Button Components pages.
  • Restored Message Dialog Components pages.
  • Restored GUI front end pages.
  • Restored Shell Folders Unit pages.
  • Restored Extended String Property Editor pages.
  • Changed descriptive names for window state components.

18th August

  • Revised Home Page to describe latest updates.
  • Restored programs page.
  • Restored script used to display software detail pages.
  • Restored other units pages.
  • Restored cut-down contact page that simply provides a contact email address.
  • Completely re-wrote script that handles file downloads.
  • Restored About Box Component pages.
  • Restored registration page. Removed program's mailing list subscription form.
  • Restored CodeSnip Database Viewer program pages. Removed CodeSnip mailing list subscription form.
  • Restored HKEY Property Editor pages.
  • Restored HTML Resource Compiler pages.
  • Restored Resource File Unit pages.
  • Restored tutorial pages.
  • Restored Stream Extension Classes pages.
  • Restored System Information Unit pages.
  • Restored Version Information Editor pages.
  • Restored 16 bit Version Information Components pages.
  • Restored Version Information Spy pages.
  • Restored Windows State Components pages.
  • Added placeholders for code snippets database. The articles and database are not available yet.

16th August

  • Site taken down and replaced by holding page due to further spammer attacks. A bare minimum of supporting code and images were retained, along with downloadable zip files and the RSS feed.

14th August

  • Removed interactive functionality from the contact, mailing list, link exchange and guestbook pages because the site was hijacked by spammers.

7th August

  • The August 2006 Newsletter was published.

24th July

  • Uploaded bug fix release 3.2.2 of SIBuilder.

10th July

  • Made some changes to style of site, inlcuding heading sizes and paragraph spacing.
  • Made minor changes to Home Page.

17th June

  • Released new PasH Pascal Syntax Highlighter command line program. The new program is in beta.

10th June

  • Released v1.0 of Code Snippets Database Offline Viewer after more than a year in beta.

3rd June

  • The June 2006 Newsletter was published.
  • Fixed bug / potential security hole in mailing list subscription scripts.
  • Added new Code Snippets Database.
  • Validated all routines in Code Snippets database's Date & Time category with all supported compilers.
  • Fixed several XHTML validation errors in pages and displayed logos for pages with validated XHTML and CSS.
  • Added requirement to enter security code as part of mailing list sign up process to try to reduce spamming of mailing lists.

29th May

  • Released v1.1 of the HTML Resource Compiler. Adds new compiler.
  • Fixed security hole in application registration web service.
  • Updated MPL license text displayed on software pages.

15th May

  • Updated style of many articles.
  • Revised content, organisation and style of Article #8 "How to detect the types of executable files".
  • Revised content, organisation and style of Article #13 "How to run a single instance of an application".
  • Updated home page.
  • Brought About DelphiDabbler pages up to date.
  • Made minor corrections to Other Units pages following removal of download links from these pages.
  • Fixed broken link to privacy statement in registration page.

14th May

  • Added workaround for IE6 display bug that appears in callout boxes.
  • Fixed small reporting bug in CodeSnip database update web service.

2nd May

  • Uploaded 3rd v1.0 Release Candidate (v0.12) of the Code Snippets Database Offline Viewer. Implemented a new, faster, database update system that also includes news feed about changes to to CodeSnip.
  • Revised various web services that work with DelphiDabbler applications.

27th April

  • Made new download containing CodeSnip as an interim fix to the program's web update problems.
  • Fixed minor bug in "Options" box's "Generate Unit" link on Code Snippets Database page.

26th April

  • Posted note that some users still experiencing problems with CodeSnip's web update service.

25th April

  • Fixed timeout problem with web script that provides database updates for CodeSnip program.
  • Fixed problems with PAD file generation and uploaded various program icons that can be requested from PAD files.

24th April

  • Normal DelphiDabbler Site re-established.

21st April

  • New hosting account set up on TDMWeb.
  • Interim holding site established and name servers updated.

19th April

  • Ghoulnet server failed – site down.

18th April

  • Released minor update v0.1.4 of PasH Pascal Highlighter. Corrects an error in the <title> tag of generated XHTML documents.
  • Released Code Snippets Database Viewer v1.0 Release Candidate 2 (v0.11.3). This fixes bug where browser controls used in program were accepting and displaying files dropped on them from Explorer.
  • Posted message at the top of each page noting that the site will be moving to a new server.

15th April

  • Updated Article #21 "How to call JavaScript functions in a TWebBrowser from Delphi" to note the need to escape quote characters within string literal parameters passed to JavaScript functions.
  • Fixed problem on Code Snippets Unit Generator that prevented units being downloaded in Internet Explorer (the browser was displaying the unit instead).
  • Added ability to download a selected newsletter.

14th April

  • Made improvements to log file employed by web service that updates local copies of the Code Snippets database.

13th April

  • Release v2.2.3 of the Shell Folders Unit that adds extra CSIDL_ folder constants.

12th April

  • Uploaded 1st v1.0 Release Candidate (v0.11.2) of the Code Snippets Database Offline Viewer. The help file has been improved, a few small bugs have been fixed and some redundant code removed.
  • Added new Code Snippets Database.

10th April

  • Added new Code Snippets Database.
  • Also created new Windows System category.
  • All the routines in the Code Snippets Database's Windows System categories were validated with the Win32 personalities of Delphi 2005/6.

7th April

  • Released v0.11.0 of the Code Snippets Database Offline Viewer. The program can now be registered online.

3rd April

  • Uploaded release v0.10.9 of the Code Snippets Database Offline Viewer. This fixes minor bugs in the download manager. Some other code was refactored.
  • Fixed some errors on CodeSnip source code download page.
  • Updated Code Snippets Database update web service that updates offline database files.
  • The April 2006 Newsletter was published.

31st March

  • Released Message Dialog Components v2.2. Added ability to customise dialog box in TPJVCLMsgDlg and added custom help handling.

20th March

  • Released v5.0 of the Drop Files Components. Adds new TPJCtrlDropFiles component that can catch files for assoiciated windowed controls.
  • Restyled Drop Files Components page by moving source code downloads to new tab.
  • Added restyled mailing list sign-up box to top of Component Help Installer main page.
  • Made minor changes to Article #22 "How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser" to improve continuity of the last three parts of the article.

21st February

  • Released 3rd release that completes Article #23 "How to get operating system version information". Added information about reading OS version information from registry, detecting XP Media Center & Tablet editions and 64 bit OSs. Also released new demo program and added references section.

13th February

  • Released version 2 of Article #18 "How to customise the TWebBrowser user interface". This is a total rewrite that changes way GUI handler code is registered with web browser control.
  • Updated Article #22 "How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser" to reflect changes in related article #18.

6th February

  • The February 2006 Newsletter was published.

30th January

  • Released v0.10.7 of the screen shots.
  • Fixed error in MD5 checksum generation code used on download pages.
  • Added download tab to some components pages.
  • Tweaked content and style of some programs pages.

24th January

  • Released v0.10.6 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. Fixed a small bug in database update code.
  • Changed method used to download programs. Each program page now has a Download tab that lists all available downloads. MD5 checksums and file sizes are now provided for all the downloads. The clickable download glyphs were removed from all program pages.
  • Updated Compatibility page re change to Mozilla Firefox v1.5 as main development browser.
  • Added new Google ad that promotes Mozilla Firefox to Compatibility pages.

17th January

  • Released v3.2.1 of the SIBuilder install program creator. Can now run multiple installers at the same time.
  • Released v0.10.5 of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. The help file is now complete.
  • Updated CodeSnip update web service to v3 ready for use with later versions of CodeSnip.

12th January

  • Released v0.10.4 beta of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. Updates v0.10.2 to v0.10.4 have fixed some dialog box bugs, improved compiler execution and added checksum security to downloaded database files. v0.10.2 reverted to compile with Delphi 7 due to known form inheritance bug in Delphi 2006.

10th January

  • Released v0.10.1 beta of the CodeSnip Database Viewer that fixes a small bug introduced in v0.10.0.
  • Added new Code Snippets Database. Submitted by Ben Miller.
  • Restyled some of the unit generation page.
  • Added Delphi 2005 and 2006 to list of known compilers on the code snippets upload page.

9th January

  • Released v0.10.0 beta of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. Added support for Delphi 2005/6 Win32 personailities. Can now configure compiler command line.

7th January

  • Released v0.9.0 beta of the CodeSnip Database Viewer. Added new preferences dialog box and ability to copy routines to clipboard. Revised source code now requires Delphi 2006 to build.
  • Updated the About DelphiDabbler page.
  • Fixed emailing bug in Guestbook.
  • Released System Information Unit v2.0.1 that fixes bug that caused problems on Windows 2003.