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2005 News Archive

28th December

  • Released Message Dialog Components v2.1. Enables compilation with Delphi 2005/6 and fixes a few small bugs. Also removed text property editor in favour of using Extended String Property Editor.

22nd December

  • Released Shell Folder Unit v2.2.2. Enables compilation with Delphi 2005/6 and fixes range check bug in demo application.
  • Released v1.1.1 of the Extended String Property Editor to enable compilation with Delphi 2005/6.
  • Updated compatibility page with details of current test browsers.
  • Made minor changes to the About DelphiDabbler page.

21st December

  • Released v4.1.2 of Drop Files Components. Made changes to enable compilation of components and demo with Delphi Win32 compilers from Delphi 3 to 2006. Also added a-link keyword file for use with Delphi 6 and 7.

18th December

  • Released v4.3.1 of Window State Components. Fixed a few compilation bugs in components and demo programs and added a-link keyword support to help file. Now works with all Delphis from 3 to 2006.
  • Made minor changes to appearance of software licenses.
  • Added screen shot to SIBuilder page.

16th December

  • Released v1.0.3 of HKEY Property Editor. Now compiles with Delphi 2005/6.

15th December

  • Released v3.3.1 of About Box Component. Fixed slight bug that was not detecting compilers later that Delphi 7. Component is now compatible with Delphi 2005/6. Also fixed small error in help file and added a-link keyword file.

14th December

  • Updated the SIBuilder PAD File and added new screen shot that can be referenced by PAD File.

12th December

  • Released v2.2.1 of Component Help Installer that fixes a nasty bug in v2.2 that affects use of the program with Delphi 6 and 7.
  • Released minor update v3.1.1 of the Version Information Component with changes to demo programs and documentation.
  • Re-styled software pages to display compiler compatibility in a table. Also included Delphi 2005 and 2006 in compiler table.
  • Updated Code Snippets Database display to include Delphi 2005 and 2006 in list of supported compilers.

9th December

  • Released Pascal Highlighter v0.1.3 beta. This release fixes an obscure bug that occurs when PasH's standard error output is redirected to a pipe under some circumstances.

7th December

  • The December 2005 newsletter was published.
  • Changed copyright and license restrictions of articles to use a Creative Commons license.

1st December

  • Released update v0.8.0 of CodeSnip Database Viewer that changes the help system from WinHelp to HTML Help.

25th November

  • Release v3.2 of SIBuilder install program creator. Now with support for desktop and start menu programs folder and extra program to help create shortcuts (aka shell links).

23rd November

  • Released v7.0.2 of Version Information Spy that fixes content menu handler problem when displaying hints in Explorer's status bar on Windows 9x operating systems.
  • Fixed bug in the Component Help Installer registration page that was failing to recognize release 2.2 registrations.
  • Modified mailing list management code.

22nd November

  • Released CodeSnip Database Viewer v0.7.7 with improved web interaction and added a PAD file for this program.
  • Created new Code Snippets mailing list to be used to inform subscribers of changes to the Code Snippets database and CodeSnip offline viewer.
  • Revised and relocated the Bug Report and Codesnip Update web services used by DelphiDabbler programs.
  • Added support for .png format screen shots accessed via PAD files.

17th November

  • Improved methods employed to send emails to mailing lists to reduce stress on mail server.

14th November

  • Uploaded major update release 2.0 of the System Information Unit. Added new static classes to get the required information.
  • Released Component Help Installer v2.2. Updated to support installation of .als files when working with Delphi 6 or 7.
  • Updated article #15: "How to integrate help files into the Delphi 3-7 IDE" with a discussion of the purpose of .als a-keyword files in Delphi 6 and 7.

10th November

  • Tested compilation of all code snip database with Delphi 2,3,4,6 & 7 and FreePascal and updated compilation information accordingly.
  • Revised several routines in the code snip database to make then compile under more versions of Delphi.
  • Corrected error in TaskbarHandle code snip database routine where name of function in source code was WindowsTaskbarHandle rather than TaskbarHandle.
  • Added three new routines (LoadShellLink, IsShellLink and FileFromShellLink) to code snip database.

8th November

  • Released v3.3 of the About Box Component which adds a new Position property to enable the dialog box to be positioned relative to the form, desktop work area or screen.

7th November

  • Released v4.0 of the 8 Queens Problem Solver. Finally updated to 32 bit and changed to Mozilla Public License and released source code.

3rd November

  • Released v0.1.2 of PasH Pascal Highlighter. The program is now in beta.

28th October

  • Heavily revised article #22: "How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser".
  • Noted that the HTML Resource Compiler has received a five star award from SharewareIsland.com. Added the award image to the program's main page.

24th October

  • Uploaded completely revised version of article #7: "How to dynamically add data to an executable file" - now divided into five parts instead of original three.

16th October

  • Uploaded version 2 of article #23: "How to get operating system version information" that adds information about getting extended operating system information from Windows using TOSVersionInfoEx.
  • The October 2005 newsletter was published.
  • Made changes to way system records accesses to external links.

25th September

  • Made minor changes to content of articles content page.
  • Changed newsletter page to display back numbers within page rather than as separate text documents.
  • Further significant structural alterations.

23rd September

  • Rewrote the about DelphiDabbler page.
  • Flagged off-site links with a glyph and prevented links opening new browser window in several pages.
  • Changed internal site links on several pages to omit extension from script name.
  • Minor changes to error pages for download and external link scripts.
  • Fixed newsletter subscription box display bug in software pages.
  • Made additional non-visible changes.

7th September

  • Further internal non-visible changes to site on road to developing new design.
  • Made some very minor styling changes.

4th September

  • Released new version 4.3 of Window State Components and changed code to Mozilla Public License.
  • Reverted scripts to require PHP4 rather than PHP5 and updated compatibility page to reflect this change.
  • Changed some links to refer to scripts without using .php extension per W3C suggested practise.

2nd September

  • Made some structural alterations to site. Start of process of preparation for a redesign. No visible changes.

30th August

  • Made some minor styling changes to tabs in software and these Update Pages.
  • Placed information about of site's shortcut icon in every page's meta data.

12th August

  • Totally revised and extended Article #10: "How to create and use HTML resource files".
  • Added requirement to enter a security code when signing the guestbook in attempt to reduce guestbook spam. Also added more words to spam filter black list.
  • Made some styling changes.

7th August

  • Published re-written and updated version of Article #13: "How to run a single instance of an application" This article includes a revised demo project.
  • Made modifications to way Google Ads are displayed (mainly for development purposes).
  • Withdrew all remaining support for Netscape Navigator 4.7. Warning panels are now displayed at the top of every page if this browser is detected.
  • The compatibility page content was heavily revised and updated. Withdrawal of Netscape 4.7 support was noted and links to W3C Markup and CSS validators were added.
  • The August 2005 newsletter was published. Also made minor changes to newsletters page.
  • Added note about Mozilla live bookmarks to home page.
  • Made some styling changes to site and updated style sheets.
  • Improved linking to "required" or "see also" routines in Code Snippets database by allowing all routines in list to be shown.

31st July

  • Published first version of new Article #23: "How to get operating system version information".
  • Added new routine, IsWow64, to Code Snippets database and edited database's front page.
  • Added reference to website giving environment variable information to Article #6: "How to access environment variables".
  • Changed formatting of source code boxes and tables in articles #1, #6 and #22.
  • Made some styling changes to Code Snippets database.

21st July

  • Revised article #1: "How a non-windowed component can receive messages from Windows".
  • Corrected invalid XHTML in part 5 of article #22: "How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser".
  • Released revised C++ translation of the Version Information Component by Danny Heijl.
  • Released C++ translation of the System Information Unit by Danny Heijl.
  • Further improved guestbook's spam filter by adding new words to black list, improved security of visitors email addresses and tweaked page's styling.
  • Revised newsletter and associated pages to reflect change from monthly to bi-monthly production.
  • Revised code that handles broken link notifications from links page to help prevent spurious notifications triggered by robots.
  • Rewrote and updated some of the text on the home page.
  • Improved contact page so that escape characters are not included in emails sent to webmaster. Also made minor improvements to page's styling.
  • Made some background changes to way 404 errors are handled.

20th July

  • Prevented home page from displaying "What's New" heading when there are no current news items.

16th June

  • Re-styled code listings in all articles – all listings have new background colour, are now numbered and Delphi source has improved syntax highlighting.

4th June

  • Bux fix release 0.7.6 of CodeSnip Database Viewer uploaded.
  • Released updated version 0.1.1 of the Pascal Highlighter with improvement to syntax highlighter and minor bug fix.

3rd June

  • Version 0.7.5 of CodeSnip Database Viewer was released. This fixes some bugs that surface when JavaScript disabled in IE.
  • Issued June 2005 newsletter.

30th May

  • Improved spam filter on guestbook by adding new words to spam filter.

29th May

  • Released first (alpha) version of Pascal Highlighter.
  • Released C++ translation of the Version Information Component by Danny Heijl.
  • Added link to Firefox browser to home and compatibility pages.
  • Revised layout of compatibility page.

9th May

  • New article #22: "How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser".
  • Version 0.7.4 of CodeSnip Database Viewer was released. Made user defined settings in Save Snippets dialog box persistent.
  • Issued May 2005 newsletter.

16th April

  • Restyled pages to display W3C validation images to left and right of copyright line.
  • Added valid CSS image to pages that have been validated by W3C.
  • Added valid XHTML logo to page 3 of article #7: "How to dynamically add data to an executable file".

15th April

  • Altered CSS in some pages to pass W3C CSS2 validation test.
  • Corrected error source code in article #8: "How to detect the types of executable files". Thanks to Richard C Haven for noticing the error.

8th April

  • Added Google ads to individual software pages on site.
  • Improved spam filter on guestbook by adding new words to spam filter.
  • Fixed formatting error and updated main development browser to Mozilla FireFox 1.0.2 on compatibility page.
  • Added Mozilla Side Bar RDF/XML feed for articles to all articles pages.

6th April

  • Improved spam filter on guestbook by adding new words to spam filter.

29th March

  • Revised compatibility page to note current development and test browsers.
  • Corrected some small error on several pages.
  • Made minor formatting changes to some pages.

21st March

  • Release v2.11 of Version Information Editor and added new source code download page.
  • Changed colour of new boxouts from green to red.

18th March

  • Updated offline CodeSnip Database Viewer to version 0.7 beta. Added ability to export code snippets to Pascal include or syntax highlighted XHTML and RTF files. New screenshots of the program were also added, along with a new tab describing how to install the program.

15th March

  • Revised style of news boxouts.
  • Implemented new MySQL management system for news items.
  • Added information about compatibility of routines in the CodeSnip Database with the FreePascal compiler and changed style of compiler compatibility information.

10th March

  • Updated offline CodeSnip Database Viewer to version 0.6 beta. Source code is now syntax highlighted.

7th March

  • Updated Version Information Spy to version 7.0.1.

5th March

  • Updated offline CodeSnip Database Viewer to version 0.5 beta. Added support for the Free Pascal compiler.

3rd March

  • Issued March newsletter.

27th February

  • Added new article #21: "How to call JavaScript functions in a TWebBrowser from Delphi".
  • Updated the CodeSnip Database Viewer to release 0.4 beta.

24th February

  • Added new File and Stream I/O category containing ten new routines to CodeSnip database. Also corrected entry for DeleteFileWithUndo routine. Updated compiler compatibility information for several routines.
  • Released v0.3.2 beta of CodeSnip database offline viewer and added new screenshot to CodeSnip's page.

6th February

  • Added new article #20: "How to extract version information using the Windows API".
  • Added February 2005 newsletter.
  • Completed reorganization site's images.
  • Fixed minor problem with mailing list forms.
  • Fixed Component Help Installer main page to be valid XHTML.

31st January

  • Released new CodeSnip Database Viewer that can be used to download the whole CodeSnip Database and view it offline.
  • Added new script that can be accessed by DelphiDabbler programs to report bugs.

20th January

  • Updated CodeSnip database: renamed ShortToLongPath to ShortToLongFilePath, fixed bugs in ProgramFilesFolder & CommonFilesFolder routines and added new LongToShortFilePath routine.
  • Revised article #17: "How to set a component's default event handler".
  • Modified posting rules for link exchanges.
  • Improved back end code for mailing list management.

17th January

  • Modified Guestbook to use a black list to hide inappropriate entries until they have been reviewed.
  • Added crawl delay directive to robots.txt.

14th January

  • Added facility to CodeSnip Database for visitors to submit their own code.

10th January

  • Release bug fixed version 2.2.1 of the Shell Folders Unit.
  • Modified this Updates page to be able to process log files containing multiple entries.