Version Information Manipulator Library

Release: 1.0.5
Date: 26 August 2007
O/S: All Windows versions

Installation and Removal


The Library is distributed in a zip file.

To use the library simply copy the file VIBinData.dll to a suitable directory and call into it from your program. It is recommended that the DLL is placed in the same directory as the program(s) that call it.

If you intend writing Delphi Pascal code to call into the DLL you can copy IntfBinaryVerInfo.pas into your project's source tree. This unit defines all the types and interfaces needed to use the DLL.


How the library is uninstalled depends on how it is used by calling programs. Unless the DLL has been registered as shared, it can be uninstalled simply by deleting it. The Library does not create any other files and nor does it modify the registry.