Version Information Manipulator Library

Release: 1.0.5
Date: 26 August 2007
O/S: All Windows versions

Change Log

Release 1.0.5 of 26 Aug 2007
  • Changed to new EULA and made changes to library's version information to reflect this.
  • Restructed source code tree and changed references accordingly.
  • Added batch file used to build the library.
Release 1.0.4 of 19 Oct 2004
  • Fixed minor bug in error error reporting routine.
  • Changed source code to Mozilla Public License.
Release 1.0.3 of 17 Aug 2003
  • Modified method used to read version information to deal with further badly formed value entries in version information.
Release 1.0.2 of 22 Jun 2003
  • Fixed bug causing access violation when attempt was made to add a string table.
  • Also fixed so that version info root nodes are named correctly.
Release 1.0.1 of 31 May 2003
  • Modified input method to be able to read wide string values from version information without using value length stored in version info since this can't be relied upon to be consistent.
Release 1.0 of 04 Aug 2002
  • Original Version