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BDiff / BPatch Utilities

Release: 0.2.8
Date: 19 September 2016
O/S: All Windows versions


You can get the latest version of the BDiff / BPatch Utilities here.

Executable Programs (v0.2.8)

Download link Description
BDiff / BPatch Utilities
Contains the BDiff and BPatch executable programs and documentation. The file is named dd-bdiff-0.2.8.zip.
This link leads to a page on GitHub. There will be more than one version available. Please download the latest.

Source Code

Code Repository Changes
The source code is now hosted in a Git repository on GitHub.
The older Subversion repository on Assembla.com is, for the time being, still in situ but it is no longer being updated.

The source code of BDiff / BPatch is maintained in the delphidabbler/bdiff Git repository on GitHub.

Each release from v0.2.5 onwards is available from GitHub. You can download an archive containing the required release.

Notes on how to compile the utilities from source code can be found in the file Build.txt.

If you find any bugs please create an issue on GitHub. Please browse existing issues to see if the bug has already been reported before creating a new one.