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BDiff / BPatch Utilities

Release: 0.2.8
Date: 19 September 2016
O/S: All Windows versions

Change Log

v0.2.8 - released 19 Sep 2016
BDiff.exe v0.2.8 (build 9)
BPatch.exe v0.2.8 (build 9)
  • Converted to support Unicode file names and use of Unicode strings internally.
  • Switched to Delphi XE compiler from Delphi 7.
  • Added new test to test script.
  • Significant overhaul and updates to documentation.
v0.2.7 - released 19 Jul 2014
BDiff.exe v0.2.7 (build 8)
BPatch.exe v0.2.7 (build 8)
  • Bug fixes in BDiff:
    • "New" and "old" file names for a diff cannot now be the same.
    • Patch file name specified in --output or -o switches must now have a different name from other file names specified on command line.
  • Major refactoring:
    • Big change from procedural to modularised, mainly OOP code split into several units.
    • Pascalified code in terms of variable names, camel casing etc.
    • Revised logic of some methods.
    • Reduced usage of some pointers, including replacing use characters pointers with Pascal strings.
  • Revised and reformatted documentation: license and read-me files converted to markdown format.
  • Minor changes to the license.
v0.2.6a - released 06 Aug 2009
BDiff.exe v0.2.6 (build 7)
BPatch.exe v0.2.6 (build 7)
  • Removed source code from distribution.
  • Documentation updated re changes.
  • No changes to executable code other than to update build numbers.
v0.2.6 - released 02 Aug 2009
BDiff.exe v0.2.6 (build 6)
BPatch.exe v0.2.6 (build 6)
  • Changed to use sytem temporary folder for temporary files instead of current directory.
  • Typo in BDiff help screen fixed.
  • Some refactoring:
    • Code rationalised to have only one exit point in each application rather than multiple halt points.
    • Fatal errors now handled by exceptions rather than by calling Halt().
    • Some duplicated code pulled into units shared between BDiff and BPatch.
    • Ensured code that depends on single byte characters uses fixed size types instead of Char, which changes size in later compilers.
  • Replaced build scripts with make files.
  • Tests rewritten and extended:
    • Three different tests are now provided in place of one: all three patch formats are now tested.
    • Option added to display program version information.
    • Option added to clear temporary files generated by running the tests.
    • Location of BDiff and BPatch programs being tested can now be specified.
  • Documentation overhauled.
v0.2.5 - released 14 Aug 2008
BDiff.exe v0.2.5 (build 5) [v0.2.4 skipped]
BPatch.exe v0.2.5 (build 5)
  • Renamed BPtch back to BPatch.
  • Added manifests to resources of both BPatch and BDiff to inform Windows Vista to run them as invoked. This prevents Vista from elevating BPatch because of the word "patch" in its name.
v0.2.4 - released 07 Apr 2008
BDiff.exe v0.2.3 (build 4)
BPtch.exe v0.2.4 (build 4)
  • Renamed BPatch as BPtch to prevent Windows Vista from flagging the program as requiring elevation.
  • Also altered BPtch's version information to remove the word "patch" for same reason!
  • BDiff was not changed except for incrementing build number.
v0.2.3 - released 18 Sep 2007
BDiff.exe v0.2.3 (build 3)
BPatch.exe v0.2.3 (build 3) [v0.2.2 skipped]
  • Fixed bug where BPatch could not overwrite existing files.
  • Fixed small bug in -h and -v switches in both programs.
  • Fixed memory leaks in BDiff.
  • Switched to Delphi 7 compiler from Delphi 4.
  • Prevented compiler warnings in both programs.
  • Added batch files to build projects.
  • Updated help screens.
  • Made some minor refactorings.
  • Removed conditional compilation for non-Windows targets.
  • Added test batch file a sample files.
  • Changed to new binary and source license.
v0.2.2(pas) - released 21 Dec 2003
BDiff.exe v0.2.2 (build 2)
BPatch.exe v0.2.1 (build 2)
  • Fixed bug in BDiff by translating revised C code provided by Stefan Reuther. BDiff.exe is affected by the change while BPatch.exe remains unchanged.
v0.2.1(pas) - released 29 Nov 2003
BDiff.exe v0.2.1 (build 1)
BPatch.exe v0.2.1 (build 1)
  • First Pascal version. This is a direct translation of v0.2 of Stefan Reuther's C code published in 1999.