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Released Clipboard Viewer Component v2.0.0
v2.0.0 of the Clipboard Viewer Component wasw released earlier today. The main feature of this release, suggested and implemented by Mason Wheeler, is that the component now uses the later clipboard listener API to get notified of clipboard changes. On earlier OSs that do not support this API the component falls back to use the old and unreliable API that relies on a clipboard viewer chain. This release no longer provides a WinHelp help file: all help is now online.
10 August 2014
Clipboard Format Spy source now on Github
The source code of the Clipboard Format Spy has now been released on GitHub under the Mozilla Public License. To contribute fork the repo, make a feature branch off the develop branch, commit to the feature branch then open a pull request when ready. Bugs should now be reported via GitHub.
23 July 2014
Released greatly updated v2.0.0 of the File Date Comparison utility.
Version 2.0.0 of the File Date Comparison utility has just been released. This is a greatly expanded version of this Windows command line app. You can now specify what operation is used in the comparison: ">", "<", "<=", ">=", "=" or "<>". You can also compare files' last modification dates or creation dates. Finally when comparing the dates of shortcuts there is the option to compare the dates of the shortcuts or the dates of the shortcut target files. For a full list of changes see the changelog included in the download. MPL2 license. Source available on GitHub.
20 July 2014
Released BDiff / BPatch utilities v0.2.7
v0.2.7 of the BDiff / BPatch utilities has just been released. This release, the first in five years, fixes a couple of bugs in BDiff. The rest of the changes are largely internal where there's been a major overhaul and modernisation of the code. There's a minor tweak to the license, but nothing of great significance - it's still all open source.
19 July 2014
Added new tip: "Convert strings to character sets and vice versa"
Added new Delphi tip #234 "Convert strings to character sets and vice versa" contributed by Thomas Morschhaeuser.
22 May 2014
CodeSnip v4.9.0 released
CodeSnip v4.9.0 has been released. This version adds supports for test compiling snippets with Delphi XE6. For more info please see the linked blog post.
30 April 2014
Two new system functions added to the Code Snippets Database
Two new functions for getting information about physical memory have been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are: GetAvailablePhysMemory that returns the currently available physical memory in bytes; and GetPercentMemoryUsed that returns the approximate percentage of physical memory that is currently in use.
23 April 2014
Two new date management snippets added to the Code Snippets Database.
Two new snippets have been added to the onine Code Snippets Database. The first, NowGMT, returns a TDateTime value containing the current date and time in GMT / UTC. The second routine is RFC1123DateGMT which displays a given date in RFC1123 format. The given date is expected to be GMT / UTC.
13 April 2014
DelphiDabbler now has a Google+ page now has a page on Google+ named +DelphiDabblerSite that is to be used for notes and comments about programming issues and news.
09 April 2014
Two new string management routines added to the Code Snippets Database.
After a long wait the Code Snippets Database has been updated with two new string management routines that provide slightly different takes on the problem of splitting strings on delimiters. There are now several different implementations of string splitting routines to choose from.
05 April 2014
Released System Information Unit v5.0.1
Release 5.0.1 of the System Information Unit fixes an out-of-range exception that is raised when v5.0.0 is used with Windows 8.1 or Windows 2012 Server R2. This is a critical update.
04 April 2014
Released v1.0.1 of CompFileDate File Date Comparision Utility
v1.0.1 of the CompFileDate file modification date comparison utility has just been released. This is the first update five years after the original was released. It's just a simple bug fix release. I've moved the source code into a Git repo on GitHub to live alongside my other command line utilities - see Ive relicensed the program and its source code under the MPL 2.0.
24 March 2014