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Version Information Editor v2.12 released
Version Information Editor was updated to v.12. The main change was a move to use HTML help rather than WinHelp. The program was also recompiled with Delphi 2010. Handling of common dialog boxes has been improved, centring dialogs over main window.
28 March 2011
Released bug fix v3.5.1 of the About Box Component
There was a bug in the about box component which was causing to always appear at the top left of the screen regardless of how the Position and related properties were set. This was happening on later Delphis when certain application wide modifications were made to the way forms are handled. This release fixes that bug.
25 March 2011
New Drop Files Components FAQ
The first page on my new Wiki is an FAQ for the Drop Files Components. Please read it before asking questions about the components. You can also use it to leave questions or even answer other people's.
19 March 2011
New DelphiDabbler wiki
I've set up a new wiki, driven by PmWiki, hosted on It will be used for all sorts of stuff that users can help contribute to over time.
19 March 2011
Revised and corrected tip #160 that demonstrate the CopyFileEx API function
Tip #160 was an untested proof of concept. It has now be overhauled to work correctly and to describe the process of building a demo application more clearly.
20 January 2011
Released CodeSnip v3.8.8
Release 3.8.8 adds the ability to specify how old news items have to be before they are no longer displayed in the CodeSnip News dialog box. The default is 92 days. Users can now specify any number of days between 14 and 365.
19 January 2011
400th routine added to Code Snippets database
Three new routines have been added to the Code Snippets database, taking the total to 400! The new routines are all concerned with manipulating file extensions. They are: DefaultFileExt, ForceFileExt and HasFileExt.
19 January 2011
New Registry category with 7 new routines added to Code Snippets database
A new "Registry" category has been added to the Code Snippets database containing seven new routines: RegDeleteValue, RegKeyList, RegParsePath, RegReadString, RegValueExists, RegValueList and RegWriteString. These routines are modifications of code provided by Guru Kathiresan. The existing GetRegistryString routine has been moved from the "Windows System" category to the new category.
18 January 2011
Three overloaded image adjustment routines added to Code Snippets database
Three new overloaded AdjustImage routines have been added to the database, along with some associated type and constant definitions. Any one or more of the brightness, contrast, tint, saturation and gamma values of the image can be adjusted by the routine. The image can also be inverted. The overloaded versions operate on canvases and bitmaps. Based on code submitted by Montor.
17 January 2011
Delphi tip #79 updated
An alternative solution for the tip "How to define a minimum size for a component" has been added. This solution was provided by Montor.
16 January 2011
Delphi tip #24 updated
An second solution to the tip "How to get a screen shot of a control" has been added. This solution was provided by Montor.
16 January 2011
Three new Code Snippets database routines
Three new routines have been added to the Code Snippets database. There are two overloaded ScaleBitmap routines that scale up or down the size of a bitmap, using high quality half-tone stretching. There is also a support routine named ScaleRect that resizes a rectangle according to a given scale factor. Thanks to Montor for contributing the code on which these routines are based.
16 January 2011