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While the site is still going to move from its current host, a new site will now take its place. More Info.

The new site may have less content, but the core will now remain. And it will now play nicely with phones! Keep an eye on the DelphiDabbler Blog for news.

News for May 2020

CodeSnip 4.16.0 due for release 2nd June
CodeSnip 4.16.0 is nearing completion and is scheduled for release on 2nd June, all being well! More info in the linked blog post.
26 May 2020
DelphiDabbler edition of the SWAG collection released.
v1.0.0 of a new edition of the old (1997) SWAG collection of Pascal code and programming examples has just been released. Why do it? The forthcoming v4.16 release of CodeSnip will need it, that's the main reason. The other is nostalgia. How can you get it? It's in the delphidabbler/swag repository on GitHub. Please read the linked blog post for the complete run-down.
26 May 2020
Further set backs with release of new site
Some technical problems (a dead laptop!) have further screwed with the development of the replacement site. It's still going ahead mid June, but some content will be missing at launch.
20 May 2020
New blog post about delays to next release of CodeSnip
The scheduled release of CodeSnip v4.16 has been set back a couple of weeks. See the linked blog post for details.
03 May 2020
Delays in transfer of site to new host - blog post
Delays at the company that has offered to host the site, unavoidably caused by corona virus related problems, mean that the site move is likely to be delayed. See the linked blog post for details
03 May 2020
Version 2 of Code Snippets Database released
At last a new version of the Code Snippets Database has been released that breaks its dependency on delphidabbler.com. This is an essential prerequisite of releasing a new version of CodeSnip. See the linked blog post for more info.
02 May 2020