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While the site is still going to move from its current host, a new site will now take its place. More Info.

The new site may have less content, but the core will now remain. And it will now play nicely with phones! Keep an eye on the DelphiDabbler Blog for news.

News for 2020

New blog post about CodeSnip's future
This blog post sets out what is happening with CodeSnip now that the future of DelphiDabbler.com is, hopefully, secured.
21 March 2020
Revised System Information release uploaded
The file containing release 5.4.0 of the system information unit that ws uploaded to SourceForge this morning was defective. It's just been fixed. If you already have it please re-download. Sorry for the inconvenience.
19 March 2020
System Information Unit v5.40 released
Unbelievable, after four years dormancy, there's a new release of the System Information Unit that adds support for detecting all current Windows 10 updates, all current Windows 2016 Server and Windows 2019 previews and releases. There's also a new method to return the host computer's clock speed. I've only been able to test the revise OS detection code on my Windows 10 system, so the Win Server detection hasn't been checked, and is based only on research.
19 March 2020
STOP PRESS: The site has been saved from closure
I'm 99% certain that delphidabbler.com has found a new home. Can't say any more at present, but a kind person has come forward to host it. I've found some time and enthusiasm to modernise the site. Watch this space.
19 March 2020
Code Snippets Database frozen
The online Code Snippets database has now been frozen. Submissions of new code to the database are no longer being accepted. The current database has been moved into a GitHub project to preserve it beyond the closure of DelphiDabbler.com.
07 February 2020
CodeSnip's FAQs moved to GitHub.
CodeSnip's FAQs have been moved from wiki.delphidabbler.com to a new codesnip-faq repository on GitHub. See the linked blog post for further details.
06 February 2020
Issues for CodeSnip caused by forthcoming closure of DelphiDabbler.com
Published a new blog post setting out the issues for the CodeSnip program by the forthcoming closure of DelphiDabbler.com on 15 June 2020.
23 January 2020
Removed RSS feeds
Removed access to RSS feeds from site. Several of these relied on the now defunct FeedBurner site.
19 January 2020