News for September 2016

PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter v2.0.0 released
At long last, over half a decade since its first beta release, the PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter command line program has hit v2.0.0! The associated GUI program, PasHiGUI, is also out of beta and is included in the release. For more info see the linked blog post. This is a BIG update.
22 September 2016
CodeSnip 4.15.1 released
CodeSnip v4.15.1 has been released. This is a maintenance update that brings operating system detection up to date. More more information see the linked blog post.
22 September 2016
BDiff / BPatch Utilities v0.2.8 released.
Version 0.2.8 of the BDiff / BPatch Utilities has just been released. This version is mainly a recompilation with Delphi XE to enable support for Unicode file names and Unicode internal string processing.
19 September 2016
Released System Information Unit v5.3.0
Added support for detecting Windows 10 Version 1607 (a.k.a RS1 Anniversary Update), along with support for detecting Windows 2016 Server technical previews 1 to 5. The name returned for the Windows 10 TH2 November Update ws changed to 'Version 1511' as it's now known my Microsoft. The information returned by the TPJOSInfo.Description property was tweaked to include details of Windows 10 updates.
12 September 2016