News for February 2016

Overhauled CodeSnip micro-site
CodeSnip's micro-site (in the codesnip subdomain of has been overhauled. Apart from fixing some errors the main change has been to update text and links following the move of CodeSnip's source code from Subversion to Git. This micro-site remains in beta.
21 February 2016
CodeSnip development moved to Git from Subversion
CodeSnip's source code is now managed using Git on GitHub. The old Subversion repo on SourceForge has been left in place to preserve the project's source code history, but has been frozen at v4.13.1. The first release to be developed entirely on Git is v4.13.2. For more info, see the linked blog post
21 February 2016
CodeSnip v4.13.2 released
CodeSnip v4.13.2 has just been released. The main feature of this release is that an additional default namespace has been added when using Delphi XE and later to enable snippets that use the Registry unit to compile. In addition some hints used in the main window have been modified or corrected and few menu items and dialogue box names have been tweaked.
20 February 2016
All abandoned program download files have been moved from this site to GoogleDrive
All downloads relating to abandoned programs are down on GoogleDrive. It is no longer possible to choose to download them from The affected programs are: 8 Queens Problem Solver, John Conway's Game Of Life, BoobyTrap!, Component Help Installer and SIBuilder.
16 February 2016
Updated Code Snippets Database with Delphi Seattle and FPC 3.0 compilation compatibility
Every bit of code in the Code Snippets Database has now been test compiled with Delphi 10 Seattle and Free Pascal v3.0.0 and the results have been included in the database. CodeSnip users can download the revised database. A few other tweaks were made to compile results.
16 February 2016
Last ever update to the 8 Queens Problem Solver program released
The time has come to retire my 8 Queens Problem Solver program. It was first written back in 1991 as a Turbo Pascal DOS program, then converted to 16 bit Windows using Delphi 1 and later to 32 bit using a succession of other Delphis. The program was written as an exercise in solving the 8 queens problem. Once that's done there's little more left to do. So I've finally got round to mothballing the project.
15 February 2016
Released Hot Label Component bug fix v2.2.1
Release v2.2.1 of the Hot Label Component from the DelphiDabbler code library has been released. This new version fixes a memory leak introduced in v2.2.0. Users of that version are strongly recommended to update.
14 February 2016