News for September 2015

CodeSnip v4.13.1 released
This maintenance release plays nicely with Windows 8.1 and 10 and changes how some fonts are handled. For full details see the linked blog post.
29 September 2015
PasHi Pascal Highlighter files removed from - use GitHub instead.
Until now the latest version of the PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter program's excutable and source files were available on both and GitHub. To avoid duplication the files have no been removed from and are now available only from the delphidabbler/pashi project on GitHub.
29 September 2015
Fixed coding error in Tip #41
I've just retrieved an accidentally archived email from Jon Grewer that he sent way back in February, that pointed out an error in the code given in Tip #41, "Boyer-Moore-Horspool text searching". Jon's fix has now been applied. Sorry for the long wait Jon!
23 September 2015
Delphi Library downloads no longer available from this site - use SourceForge
In the past, the latest version of each project in the Delphi Library has had its source code available on this site and on SourceForge (and before that, GoogleCode). That has increased the work involved in releasing new code and risked the files being out of synch. So, I've rationalised it. As of now, all library source code is only available on SourceForge. Any old links to downloads on this site will now generate a 404 error, but, for the time being, the error page will provide a link to the files on SourceForge.
16 September 2015
Updated all DelphiDabbler Code Library pages to reference correct source code repo
All the DelphiDabbler Code Library web pages have been updated to link to the new SourceForge Subversion repository instead of to the old, and now defunct, GoogleCode repo. **Note though that links in the documentation downloaded with the project may be broken.**
15 September 2015
Updated Article #26 "How To Embed GoogleEarth in your Delphi Application" to work with Google Earth API v3.
The article "How To Embed GoogleEarth in your Delphi Application" was been updated by its author, David Hawk, to make it compatible with v3 of the Google Earth API v3. Thanks David.
14 September 2015
System Information Unit v5.1.0 released
After a long struggle getting to understand what Microsoft are up to, I've finally released a new version of the System Information Unit that adds support for the detection and reporting of the Windows 10 operating system. If you thought things were messy with Windows 8.1, wait until you see how crazy things have got now! The online documentation for the unit will be updated in the coming days.
12 September 2015
CodeSnip 4.13.0 released
CodeSnip v4.13.0 has been released. This version adds supports for test compiling snippets with Delphi 10 Seattle. For more info and to get the download links, please see the linked blog post.
05 September 2015
ddab-lib Code Library project GoogleCode now closed.
I've just asked GoogleCode to close down my ddab-lib (DelphiDabbler Code Library) project and redirect it to SourceForge. There are alternatives in place. For more info see the linked blog post.
04 September 2015
CodeSnip GoogleCode Repository relocated to SourceForge.
Due to the impending closure of GoogleCode, the CodeSnip source code repository has now been moved to SourceForge and the GoogleCode repo has been closed. Any references to the old GoogleCode URL now redirect to SourceForge. The CodeSnip ticketing system moved some time ago.
03 September 2015