News for August 2014

Removed links page
The "links" page has been removed from the site. There are few of these around these days and the page isn't really worth the effort to maintain it.
22 August 2014
Site ported from PHP 5.3 to 5.4
I've just ported from PHP v5.3.x to v5.4.x. While I think I've caught all the incompatibilities between the two versions, I may have missed some. See the linked Google+ post for more info.
22 August 2014
Heavily revised article #9, "How to get notified when the content of the clipboard changes"
The article "How to get notified when the content of the clipboard changes" has been heavily revised to include information about the modern clipboard listener API in addition to the old and unreliable clipboard viewer chain. The example code has been revised accordingly and the old demo download has been replaced by a new Git repository named "delphidabbler/article-9-demo" on BitBucket.
21 August 2014
PasHi source code moved to GitHub
The source code of the PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter has been moved from its Subversion repository on GoogleCode to a Git repo on GitHub. GitHub is also being used to host the executable programs / installers for each release back to v1.1.0.
16 August 2014
Release PasHi Pascal Highlighter v2.0.0 beta 2
v2.0.0 beta 2 of PasHi, the Pascal Syntax Highlighter, has been released. Sadly its over three years since beta 1 was released! I'm trying to catch on some neglected projects and this is one result. v2 is a substantial improvement and expansion of v1.x which is now rather stable and worth trying out. Also included is v1.0.0 beta 2 of the PasHiGUI GUI front end for PasHi which is a total rewrite of the earlier beta code. This revised version has much more control over the way PasHi operates and allows you to use most of PasHi's numerous options without resorting to the command line.
12 August 2014
Console Application Runner Classes v3.1.0 released
Version 3.1.0 of the Console Application Runner classes has just been released. This release adds a new UnicodeEnvironment Boolean property to TPJCustomConsoleApp that enables custom environment blocks to be passed to console apps in either ANSI or Unicode text. Previously only ANSI blocks were supported. Also a new demo has been added that shows how to use the Environment and UnicodeEnvironment properties. A bug in the FireMonkey demos has also been fixed.
11 August 2014
Released Clipboard Viewer Component v2.0.0
v2.0.0 of the Clipboard Viewer Component wasw released earlier today. The main feature of this release, suggested and implemented by Mason Wheeler, is that the component now uses the later clipboard listener API to get notified of clipboard changes. On earlier OSs that do not support this API the component falls back to use the old and unreliable API that relies on a clipboard viewer chain. This release no longer provides a WinHelp help file: all help is now online.
10 August 2014