News for 20 February 2014

Renamed some GitHub repos
I'm still in the "early learning" phase with Git and GitHub, so keep changing my mind about stuff. For conssitency with naming conventions elsewhere I've removed the hyphens from my GitHub repo names: html-res become htmlres, vi-spy becomes vispy etc.
20 February 2014
HTML Resource Compiler v1.2.1 released
After a 4 and a half year hiatus an update to the HTML Resource Compiler has been released. The update fixes a display bug in the program's help screen. The installer has been re-compiled with an up to date version of Inno Setup to ensure it behaves properly on modern versions of Windows. A consequence of this is that the installer now required Windows 2000 or later to run. There's also a minor change to the EULA that corrects an error.
20 February 2014