News for 6 September 2013

Four new Delphi tips added
Four new Delphi tips from Topellina's collection. They are: #226 "Implementing a custom loop", #227 "How to handle a system time change", #228 "Dim the main application form when a dialog box is displayed" and #229 "How to create a virtual drive".
06 September 2013
Two new TWebBrowser routines + a bug fix added to Code Snippets Database
Two new TWebBrowser related routines have been added to the Code Snippets database. They are WBGetOpticalZoomRange and WBSetOpticalZoom. Also the CheckInternetConnection snippet has had a long standing bug fixed: while the snippet was named "CheckInternetConnection" it's source code used IsInternetConnected for the function name. This could clash with the existing IsInternetConnected snippet, causing units containing both snippets to fail to compile. After the fix name of CheckInternetConnection is now as expected. NOTE: it's just possible that this name change could break existing code if a unit containing CheckInternetConnection is re-generated.
06 September 2013