News for 1 July 2013

CodeSnip v4.6.1 - fix for IE 10 related bug
As I promised in the previous news item I've now released a patch for CodeSnip 4.6 - v4.6.1 - that attempts to fix a floating point bug that's been reported on some systems with CodeSnip 4. I've never been able to replicate the bug but, from the minimal information given in the bug report, it seems to similar to the IE 10 related problem that v3.12.1 fixes for CodeSnip 3. So, I've applied a similar patch for CodeSnip in the hope it fixes the problem. You are recommended to apply this update ASAP.
01 July 2013
CodeSnip 3.12.1 released - fixes major bug with IE10.
The arrival of Internet Explorer 10 has stopped CodeSnip v3.x working for some users. v3.12.1 fixes this problem and should allow you to continue using CodeSnip 3. If you don't want to update to v4, please update to v3.12.1 immediately. A similar bug has been reported, albeit very sketchily, for CodeSnip 4 portable. Although I can't replicate the bug I will be releasing a patch to v4 very soon that is similar to the one in v3.12.1 just in case.
01 July 2013
Released v0.5 beta of the Online Code Snippets Database "Take 2"
This new release of Code Snippets Database "Take 2" is a major step forward in that it finally implements the functionality of the "Generate Unit" button. Snippets that have been "pinned" can now be included a compilable unit that is displayed in the main displayed. You need to copy and paste the unit into a suitably named file. *** NOTE ** there a lot of changes to way the app is implemented in this release - you may need to force a full refresh or clear your browser's cache if the display is corrupted.
01 July 2013