News for July 2013

CodeSnip v4.7.0 released
CodeSnip release 4.7.0 is now available. Key new features are: (1) Snippets can now be imported from the SWAG Pascal Archive hosted on (2) Tabs in the details pane can now be re-ordered using drag-and-drop. (3) Source code and compilers table now display horizontal scroll bars if they overflow the right hand side of the detail pane. In addition a few bugs were squashed, the help file and privacy statement were updated and there are numerous under-the-hood improvements.
31 July 2013
New tip added
A new tip from Don Rowlett has been added to the Delphi Tips section. It shows how to double quote a string if it contains spaces.
30 July 2013
CodeSnip v4.6.4 released - urgent bug fix
Release 4.6.4 fixes a serious bug in v4.6.3 for users running Internet Explorer 9. v4.6.3's fix of an Internet Explorer 10 related bug managed to break the program for users of IE 9 due to differences in the web browser control used by CodeSnip. If you're using IE 9 (and earlier?) you should update ASAP.
24 July 2013
Code Library forum now opened
Just like I announced for CodeSnip a few days ago, the Code Library project now also has a forum / discussion group on SourceForge. At present there is only the one "General Discussion" forum for use by anyone having trouble using the library who've not been able to resolve their problem by reading the online docs and FAQs.
20 July 2013
CodeSnip Forum Opened
CodeSnip now has a forum / discussion group over on SourceForge. There is only the one forum called "General Discussion". It is for use for anyone having trouble using or compiling CodeSnip who've not been able to resolve their problem by reading the help file or the CodeSnip FAQs (see
16 July 2013
Several new environment variable snippets added to Code Snippets Database
Numerous new snippets have been added to the Code Snippets Database that can get, set and delete environment variables, get the size of a process' environment block and notify other programs of changes made to the environment variables in the registry.
15 July 2013
CodeSnip 4.6.3 released. More IE 10 related bug fixes
This release is another attempt to a similar bug to that dealt with by CodeSnip 4.6.1 where floating point errors were being reported when displaying items in the main page. This time I've completely revised the code that displays information in the details pane to avoid the call into the web browser control that seemded to be causing the problems when IE 10 is installed. This is an intermitant bug, so lets hope it's finally fixed. Please let me know either way by commenting on the bug report at, mentioning that you're using v4.6.3.
14 July 2013
Two new snippets added to Code Snippets Database
Two new snippets based on code provided by new contributor Johan Keizer have been added to the System category of the Code Snippets database. They are SysUserErrorMessage and GetErrorMessageWithId.
09 July 2013
CodeSnip 4.6.2 released. Possible fix for Windows 8 bug.
This is a tentative fix for a bug reported for CodeSnip running on Windows 8 that I can't reproduce. I hope it works, but I'm relying on feedback from Windows 8 users to let me know either way. Please leave feedback on whether it works or not as comments on the bug report at It's just as useful to know if it works as it is if the bug's still there. It would also be useful to know what the last good working version on Windows 8 is.
09 July 2013
CodeSnip v4.6.1 - fix for IE 10 related bug
As I promised in the previous news item I've now released a patch for CodeSnip 4.6 - v4.6.1 - that attempts to fix a floating point bug that's been reported on some systems with CodeSnip 4. I've never been able to replicate the bug but, from the minimal information given in the bug report, it seems to similar to the IE 10 related problem that v3.12.1 fixes for CodeSnip 3. So, I've applied a similar patch for CodeSnip in the hope it fixes the problem. You are recommended to apply this update ASAP.
01 July 2013
CodeSnip 3.12.1 released - fixes major bug with IE10.
The arrival of Internet Explorer 10 has stopped CodeSnip v3.x working for some users. v3.12.1 fixes this problem and should allow you to continue using CodeSnip 3. If you don't want to update to v4, please update to v3.12.1 immediately. A similar bug has been reported, albeit very sketchily, for CodeSnip 4 portable. Although I can't replicate the bug I will be releasing a patch to v4 very soon that is similar to the one in v3.12.1 just in case.
01 July 2013
Released v0.5 beta of the Online Code Snippets Database "Take 2"
This new release of Code Snippets Database "Take 2" is a major step forward in that it finally implements the functionality of the "Generate Unit" button. Snippets that have been "pinned" can now be included a compilable unit that is displayed in the main displayed. You need to copy and paste the unit into a suitably named file. *** NOTE ** there a lot of changes to way the app is implemented in this release - you may need to force a full refresh or clear your browser's cache if the display is corrupted.
01 July 2013