News for April 2013

CodeSnip v4.4.2 released. Recommended update
CodeSnip v4.4.2 has been released. This release fixes three bugs, one of which affected the way the program handled some advanced records, meaning test compilation and unit generation would fail. Because of this bug, some future additions to the Code Snippets Database will require v4.4.2 as a minimum to be able to display those additions. Consequently you are **strongly recommended** to update to this release.
26 April 2013
Released bug fix to Windows State Components - v5.4.2
Just release v5.4.2 of the Window State Components. This release fixes a bug where windows could be restored in incorrect place when the Windows task bar is either left or top aligned. You are strongly advised to update.
24 April 2013
New tip added to the Delphi Tips database
A new tip - "Check if computer is connected to the internet" - contributed by Don Rowlett has been added to the tips database.
24 April 2013
Buf fix applied to Code Snippets database.
The EllipsifyText routine in the Grpahics category of the Code Snippets database has had a bug fixed to make it work correctly when compiled with a Unicode version of Delphi. Thanks to Bill Miller for the fix.
23 April 2013
Version Information Component Docs have moved
I've just moved the document of my Version Information Component from GoogleCode to my own site. Please update any bookmarks.
21 April 2013
New snippet and some bug fixes in the Code Snippets Database
A alternative version of the IsPrime function, named IsPrime2, has been added to the Code Snippets database. This routine is shorter than IsPrime and does not use any floating point arithmetic. Also the GCD and LCD have had bugs fixed to ensure that they always return positive results, even after passing them negative parameters. Finally the test status of IsPrime, IsPrime2 and LCD has been increaed now they have passed unit tests.
19 April 2013
Restructured "Code Snippets" and "Hints and Tips" sections of
A new "Snippets & Tips" section has been added to the site. The "Delphi Tips" scetion has been moved into the new section. The old Code Snippets section has also been moved into "Snippets & Tips", and has been marked as "mothballed". Also in the new section are links to the Code Snippets Database Take 2 and SWAG Archive web applications.
18 April 2013
New SWAG Pascal database viewer
Just released the first beta of a new web application that displays the content of the old SWAG Pascal code database. There's no new code but the database has been tidied up a little and the new interface is, I hope, cleaner than the old versions. Any feedback welcome.
16 April 2013
Two new URI encode / decode routines added to Code Snippets Database
Two new snippets, URIEncode and URIDecode, have been added to the Code Snippets Database. URIEncode URL encodes a string according to RFC 3986 while URIDecode decodes an encoded string back to its original form. Both routines have the option to encode and decode URL query strings. These routines supersede URLEncode and URLDecode which are not standards compliant.
15 April 2013
CodeSnip v4.4.1 released - fixes bug in v4.4.0
CodeSnip v4.4.1 has just been rushed out to fix a silly little bug in v4.4.0 that I really should have noticed before release. The program was using the wrong URL for web services, giving a 404 error. I've patched the website to recognise the bad URL and redirect it to the correct place, so the bug shouldn't bite you now - no more 404 errors in v4.4.0 now! Best to update though. That'll teach me to test only on my development web server and forget to test on the live server!
09 April 2013
Five further Delphi Pool tips
Five new tips from the former Delphi Pool website have been added to the Delphi Tips database, starting from tip #218. They are: tip #218, "How to calculate the minimum distance between two polygons"; tip #219, "How to rotate a 2D point"; tip #220, "How to calculate intersection points of lines or line sections with rectangles"; tip #221, "How to calculate the area of a polygon" and tip #222, "How to retrieve all available TBrushStyle values as a list of strings".
09 April 2013
CodeSnip v4.4.0 has been released
CodeSnip v4.4.0 has just been released. It adds a facility to automatically check for program and online Code Snippets database updates. Update checking runs in a background thread and any available updates are notified to the user by means of a small pop up window at the bottom right of the main window. By default CodeSnip checks for updates no more that once per week. The frequency can be changed or the feature switched off from the Updates tab of the Preferences dialogue box.
08 April 2013