News for September 2012

Final batch of snippet description improvements ready for CodeSnip 4.
The last batch of snippets have had descriptions tweaked and some display names altered to take advantage of CodeSnip 4's revised display. The categories affected were System, Types, Utilities, and the three Windows related categories. Users of CodeSnip 3 and earlier, and the online database will also notice some improvements to descriptions.
27 September 2012
New "Text Encoding" category in Code Snippets database
A few routines, formerly in the String Management category of the Code Snippets database have been moved into a new Text Encoding category.
25 September 2012
Improved descriptions of further snippets for display in CodeSnip 4.
Snippets in the MultiMedia, Registry and String Management categories are the latest to get a makeover for to take advantage of the CodeSnip 4's revised display. Users of CodeSnip 3 and earlier, and the online database will also notice some improvements to descriptions.
25 September 2012
Mathematics section of Code Snippets database overhauled.
The snippet descriptions and display names in Mathematics section of the Code Snippets database have been overhauled to provide better descriptions and to take advantage of new display features in CodeSnip 4.
23 September 2012
New MinMidMax routines added to Code Snippets Database
Five overloaded version of the MinMidMax routine contributed by Bruce Wernick have been added to the Mathematics category of the Code Snippets Database and are ready for download now. These routines find the minimum, middle and maximum of three values. There are overloads for Single, Double and Extended floating point types and 32- and 64-bit integers. The routines cannot be displayed in the current version of the online database: they require the CodeSnip program v3.0 or later.
23 September 2012
IMPORTANT BUG FIX #2: CodeSnip v4.0 RC.3 supersedes RC.2 to fix another big bug.
Can't believe it - just fixed the last big bug in CodeSnip 4 release candidates when another baddie gets reported on the blog. This one prevents fresh installs of CodeSnip (i.e. new installs / new users) crash on start-up due to an out-of-range error in the code that checks for previous installs. Bad news. So a second patch in a few hours has been rushed out to fix it. What this boils down to is that if you're using a beta or release candidate of CodeSnip 4, you really need to update.
18 September 2012
IMPORTANT BUG FIX: CodeSnip v4.0 RC.2 released - fixes a nasty bug in RC.1 and betas
A nasty bug has been found in CodeSnip v4.0 release candidate 1 that has triggered the rush release of a patch, flagged as release candidate 2. This bug affects snippets which have duplicate display names and is largely caused by use of the Snippet | Duplicate Snippet menu option. It crashes CodeSnip's user interface and makes it fail on every re-start. The linked blog explains and gives links to fixes along with a fix if the bug has already struck.
17 September 2012
200th Delphi tip added, with three others
Four new Delphi tips have just been posted, bringing the total to 200. They are: #197 - "Force display of a ToolButton's PopupMenu when the button is clicked", #198 - "How to draw on the Windows desktop", #199 - "Change the font used in hints" and #200 - "How to display icons in a combo box".
17 September 2012
Delphi XE3 support added to CodeSnip v3
CodeSnip v3.11.0 has been released. It adds supports for the Delphi XE3 compiler and fixes a couple of little UI bugs. This is probably the last point release of CodeSnip 3 now that v4 is on the horizon. From now on only maintenance releases for the v3 line are planned, with all new development focussed on v4.
17 September 2012
CompFileDate SVN check out paths changed
The CompFileDate (file date comparison utility) Subversion checkout paths on SourceForge have changed after migrating the project to SourceForge's new Allura forge. You can get the new paths from the linked page.
16 September 2012
Changes to the Online Code Snippets Database
The online Code Snippets Database has been lagging behind the times so I've decided to revert it to an earlier state so it only displays snippets it understands. The linked blog post explains. The CodeSnip program is unaffected by these changes.
16 September 2012
Code Snippets Database to cease support for CodeSnip v2 and earlier
I've decided to stop supporting CodeSnip v2 and earlier in the Code Snippets Database from the end of the year. This means that any new snippets added to the database from 1 January 2013 will not be visible in CodeSnip v2 or earlier. Updating is strongly advised.
15 September 2012