News for January 2010

Shell Folders Unit v2.3 released
Adds properties, events and display options to the Browse For Folders dialog.
29 January 2010
Shell Folders Unit v2.2.5 released
Now compatible with Delphi 2009 and 2010.
27 January 2010
Code Snippets Demonstrator v2.1 released
Latest update to Bill Miller's demo program demonstrating use of routines from code snippets database.
19 January 2010
CodeSnip v3.5.0 released
Adds option to start program with all overview pane sections collapsed.
16 January 2010
Drop Files Components v5.0.2 released
Updated to compile without warnings on later Delphis.
14 January 2010
CodeSnip v3.4.8 released
Added more keyboard shortcuts to the overview pane.
10 January 2010
Six new routines added to the Code Snippets database
Six new string management routines were added to the database.
06 January 2010
Released v1.2 of the Extended String Property Editor
The editor dialog layout was revised to appear correctly when used with Delphi 2010.
05 January 2010
Two new System snippets added to the Code Snippets Database
Added new TrimAppMemorySize and IsRemoteSession routines to the System category of the Code Snippets Database.
01 January 2010