Contact Page

This contact page is no longer in use.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to keep up with updating this site, let alone respond to messages. Sorry.

There are still ways you can get in touch. For example:

  • To report a bug or request a feature in any of my code, use any issue tracker or ticketing system for the project - it will be mentioned in the project documentation. If there isn't a tracker then the project is no longer being developed, sorry.
  • If you have questions about using the Delphi Code Library components etc, please read the docs, any FAQs etc., and if that doesn't answer your question post it on the project's Discussion group for all to see.
  • Similarly, the CodeSnip program has a comprehensive help file, other documentation, a blog, a Google+ page a couple of FAQs, a bug and feature request ticketing system and discussion group.
  • Message me through Twitter.

If you have a business proposition or want to talk about advertising then I'm not interested anyway!