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  1. This site is run in my spare time and I have less of it to devote to this site than I used to. This means that it's likely to be quite a long time before I will reply. So please only use this contact page as a last resort if you can't find an answer elsewhere. I get too many emails where the answer to a query lies in some documentation or the FAQs!
  2. Please don't use this form if you want to report a bug or request a feature in any of my code, use any issue tracker or ticketing system for the project - it will be mentioned in the project documentation. If there isn't one, then fine, use the form!
  3. If you have questions about using the Delphi Code Library components etc, please read the docs, any FAQs etc., and if that doesn't answer your question post it on the project's Discussion group for all to see.
  4. Similarly, the CodeSnip program has a comprehensive help file, other documentation, a blog, a Google+ page a couple of FAQs, a bug and feature request ticketing system and discussion group. Please use them!
  5. I am not interested in any advertising and / or business propositions. Full stop. Period. Finito. They all get reported as spam then go in the bin, so just don't send them. I won't ever reply regardless of how many times you send a message.

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